Lots of Leaves

We spent our October Service Saturday raking leaves at my sister’s house.  She had a baby about 6 weeks ago and we knew she could use some extra help with her tree-filled yard.

Chad had a meeting so we tackled the project without him.  I piled the kids in the car and we headed to my sister’s. The car ride over to her house was ugly.  The kids hated me and were convinced Service Saturdays were invented to make their lives miserable.

But something about the beautiful weather and the colorful leaves and helping others, cheered everyone up pretty fast.

We worked together to make a good pile of crunchy leaves.

Then, of course. the kids had to jump in it.

After we had some fun, we got to work.

The girls raked

and the boys put the leaves in the trash.

I made some leaf scoops to help out with the pick-up process, and I was amazed how great they worked.  The scoops especially helped Locke and Croft be able to contribute and help.  They were able to pick up just as many leaves as the older kids.

To make the leaf scoops, I hot glued  sets of mittens and gloves to old pie plates that I got at a thrift store.

The scoops made our job easier and added a little fun to the day.

Our Service Saturday turned out great .  Usually I feel like it is me and two kids working while I try to engage the youngest two somehow.  But this day, my two youngest worked harder than the rest of us.  Locke kept saying “more leaves” as he picked up pile after pile, and Croft begged me to keep raking even though the rest of us were done.  I had 4 legitimate helpers, and it was wonderful.

We set a goal to do 5 bags of leaves and we left with 7 bags and lots of piles.  Not too shabby for a tired mom and 4 distractable kiddos.  But the best news is that the kids admitted they actually had fun and they liked raking leaves and it felt good to help others.

Turns out Service Saturdays aren’t so miserable after all.


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  1. So fun to come across what you are doing with your Service Saturdays! Enjoyed showing my kids (and they enjoyed it since so much of our focus in on serving others). Thanks for sharing!

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