Thrifty Halloween

Another successful Halloween is down in the books.  But this Halloween was very different than years past.

I did not spend one dime or one hour or even one ounce of energy on Halloween costumes this year.

And we lived to tell about it.

We mostly  borrowed from my sister’s costumes (Sharing a room for 18 years has finally paid off:)

Crew as Old Granny
Croft as a Cheerleader
Elle as a 50s Diner Waitress

Or I used what I already had.  Thanks to my dress up box, Locke and Chad’s costumes came together 5 minutes before a church party.

I decided to go thrifty and underachieve for a few reasons.

#1. I was tired of the let down.  I was tired of putting so much time and energy and money into the costumes just to have something go wrong.

This year Elle had croup and couldn’t go to her school parade or trick or treating.  This costume didn’t make it off the front porch.

This year Crew bucked the family theme and demanded to go as a Jedi.

This year dad didn’t make it into any pictures because he had strep. His vampire costume was never used.

#2: I also decided to go thrifty because I love repurposing and reusing and not wasting and not adding more junk to the world.  What good are bunches of Halloween costumes in bins if no one is ever going to wear them again?  And I love not spending more money on something they are going to wear 3 times for a total of 6 hours.

Now my kids didn’t have the latest and greatest costumes.  There was no theme. Moms weren’t awing at them in the school parade.  No one is pinning any of my Halloween pictures.  I didn’t get any compliments.  No one thinks I am a creative genius.

But my kids were just as happy and just as excited as they have ever been on Halloween.  They beamed with pride as they walked in the school costume parade.  Elle felt special.  Crew felt funny. Croft felt pretty and Locke was happy to fly.

I wasn’t as proud of my work as in years past, but luckily, I left my ego back here on the bus.  And luckily, I understand that Halloween isn’t about me; it is about the kids.  They still had a blast and I had more time, energy, and money left over with our thrifty Halloween.


3 thoughts on “Thrifty Halloween”

  1. Sometimes the costumes that are thrown together in 5 minutes are the best ones. They look so cute! I borrowed Mary’s costume and was so glad I did!

  2. Good for you! I for one don’t like Halloween very much..mainly because I’m usually doing it all by myself. This year for the older boys, I said, If you want to go trick or treating then you need to be resourceful and find a costume. Nice mom, huh? They did and it is only for a couple hours and that’s it and they pulled it off. Tagg wanted the same thing from last year…done.

    I refrained from buying Lydia a girly costume, because in reality it would just be for some pictures, she wasn’t in a parade or party & didn’t go trick or treating. She wore what all the boys wore at her age…and she loved it!

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