Keeping Christ in Christmas

We started a new Christmas tradition last year that helps us remember to keep Christ in Christmas.

We start out with an empty manger.  My Bishop gave us this cute little one.

Then we cut strips of yellow construction paper to make straw pieces.

We add one “straw” to the manger for each service that we do inside our family and out.  We can also add straw if a service is done for us by someone outside our little family.  (Like my MIL took my girls yesterday because I had the flu so I put a straw in our manger for her kind act.) The goal is to get the manger nice and full so that Jesus will have a soft, cozy place to lay Christmas morning.  We decided to crumple the straw this year to add some volume.

Last year we had a big family fight over whether we should write down our services on the straw or not. (No, really we did.  Don’t get Chad and Elle on different sides.  Neither one is backing down.)   But we learned that it was nice to be able to read all of the services, so we are writing down our services this year, but we just won’t put our name on the straw.

Then I set up a kid accessible manger station so we can add to it everyday.

On Christmas Eve, dad will read all the services.   Then on Christmas morning, we will lay our little doll Jesus in a soft, full manger.

How do you keep the Christ in your Christmas celebrations?

5 thoughts on “Keeping Christ in Christmas”

  1. I love this. We never put baby jesus out in the nativity until christmas morning. And the three wise men are not near the manger either. They have to travel through the house. 🙂

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