Cheap and Easy Christmas Card Holder

We got our first Christmas card in the mail yesterday!  I love to go get the mail in December (the rest of the year it could sit in my mailbox a few days before I would even care) because it seems like every day there are cute new family pictures or letters from friends and family.

I like to display these cards all December long on my cheap and easy Christmas Card holder.

First you need some clothespins.  I covered my clothespins with scraps of scrapbook paper I had around.  I just used a glue stick to glue the paper on and it has held up fine for a few years now.  Your kids could do this craft.

Then I tied a bow with the two pieces of long ribbon and wired the bow on to a nail.  Those Command hooks would work well too.

The longer your ribbon tails the more cards you will be able to pin up.   And when you use two ribbons you double your capacity as well.   I used a stiffer gold ribbon and a silky cream one.  (I wanted the cards to stand out more than the ribbon.)

Then you just pin your Christmas cards to the ribbon tails with your cute clothespins.  I used some cards from last year so you could get the idea.

This cheap and easy Christmas card holder goes on the end cap of my brick wall.  But it would go well on a door or a small wall too.

Now I just need to get more Christmas cards in the mail.

2 thoughts on “Cheap and Easy Christmas Card Holder”

  1. I see you Card Holder every year and say that I will do it but never do. So this is the Year! I am putting a command strip on my shopping list along with clothespins! Thanks Tiff. Mine won’t look as cute considering I don’t have that amazing brick wall.

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