Good Mom/Bad Mom

On any given day I may be a ‘good’ mom.

For example, the other night we had baked lemon tilapia, baked asparagus, brown rice and cubed watermelon for dinner- accompanied by a mini manner lesson.    After dinner, we worked together as a family preparing for our camping trip, followed by some fun baseball and trampoline in the backyard.   We ate homemade chocolate chip cookies for a family night treat.

Photo courtesy of Cafe Johnsonia

And on any other given day I may be a ‘bad’ mom.

The very next night we went through the drive through at Arctic Circle (don’t judge- Have you tasted the Moose Tracks shake?), and I passed back the kids’ meals as we drove down the street.  Everything was fried and there wasn’t a veggie or fruit in sight.  (I think Locke’s dinner consisted of 3 tater tots.) Since we had been in the car the better part of the afternoon and evening, I caved on my Summer Motherhood Resolutions, and let them watch Toy Story on the car DVD.  When we got home, we put on another movie because I had a class at my house and I needed them to stay quiet.

I laughed at my inconsistency between the two days.   On good mom days, I try not to get too cocky or think I am too great because I know the bad days are coming.  And on bad days, I try not to get too down on myself or beat myself up because I know the good days are coming as well.

The truth is we all have good mom and bad mom days.  The ups and downs are part of the roller coaster called motherhood. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

5 thoughts on “Good Mom/Bad Mom”

  1. So true of all of us, especially for me right now. Hopefully some day soon I can get back on the “good mom” train!

  2. Both meals did feed your kids…so you are definitely not a bad mom! Both sound so good right now and no judgement here because I have personally experienced the moose tracks shakes. You are doing a GREAT JOB at being the best mom!

  3. LOVE THIS!!! 🙂 and for those of us who don’t have an Artic Circle close enough anymore…. YOU GO GIRL 🙂
    Thank You for a WONDERFUL Blog!!

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