Getting to Church On Time

Legend has it that when my Grandma Kocherhans was asked how she got 11 kids ready for church on time, she replied, “I start getting ready on Monday.”

Well, I only have 4 kids, but since I am not as amazing as Grandma Kocherhans, I actually have to start getting ready for church on Sunday — of the week before.    Because not only do I want to be to church on time, I would also like the Spirit to be in my home on Sunday morning as well.

Since I don’t have my husband to help me out most Sunday mornings and I am usually exhausted Saturday night from a day of fun and work,  I prefer to do small things each day of the week to get ready for Sunday.

Here is what an ideal “getting ready for church” week would look like for me:

Sunday after church–  Pack the church bag. Before I put my bag away after church, I get it ready for the next week right then.  I replenish diapers or snacks and I throw out wrappers and old papers.  What better time to think about what you need than when you just used it?

(This tip goes for diaper bags, back packs, gym bags, etc.  Restock right after you return, not right before you want to go.  Because you aren’t in a hurry when you get home, but you are inevitably rushed when you want to leave and you can’t remember what you need.  Get into the habit of repacking when you return from somewhere especially if you have babies.)

Monday– Do laundry.  Get all the church clothes clean.

Tuesday– Hang up church clothes. As we put clean clothes away, I pull out the church clothes and hang them on the back of my laundry room door.

Wednesday or Thursday– Iron church clothes.  I do so much better if I can iron during the week as opposed to Sunday morning before church.  Not only am I less rushed, but I also keep the Sabbath Day holy better if I iron during the week.

Friday– Clip fingernails.  This is just one less thing for me to do on Saturday or Sunday.  Because Saturday can be too special if you know what I mean.

Saturday– Take baths. Find shoes and tights. Set out scripture bags.  Get a good nights sleep.  Getting the kids down early is imperative for all of us to have a good Sunday morning.

Sunday- Get up and get ready before the kids get up.  I find if I’ve showered and have makeup on before the kiddos wake up, I can focus on helping them more.  We also like to turn on church music.  Music helps bring the Spirit into our home and subdue the yelling.

With a weeks worth of prep, Sunday mornings are calm(er) and we actually get to church early and the Spirit is in our home.

But many times I am scrambling Sunday morning trying to iron clothes, find shoes, do hair, and get snacks in a baggie. And then I am yelling “Hurry up!” and we run into church as it is starting.  Not only are we later than I want to be, but the Spirit is gone as well.

Grandma Kocherhans was sure wise.  And I wanted to write this blog post to remind me of what she already knew. It really does take a whole week to get my family to church on time.


2 thoughts on “Getting to Church On Time”

  1. Love it! I just added “iron Sunday clothes” – one of my least favorite chores – to my Thursday to-do list (it’ll give me an excuse to watch a fun show). One thing that works to get us to church on time is to aim to leave for church half an hour before it starts. We don’t usually leave quite then but we’re never late either.

  2. Thanks for the great tips! We are past having the snacks and diaper bag, but we still manage to struggle to get to church early. I’m going to work on this, because it is so much nicer when we get to church without yelling and rushing. The church clothes are in the washer and dryer right now, so I’m on my way to getting ready for church!

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