Family Game Night

Ssh. I have a secret to tell you.  I am sort of glad summer is almost over.   Don’t get me wrong, I love summer, but I also love when it is over because that means back to schedules, routines, and weekly traditions. (And pants are fashionably acceptable again!)

One of my favorite weekly traditions to get back to is our Family Game Night.  I love this idea because it is one of my few traditions that doesn’t involve food and it is thrifty.  We don’t spend a dime and we don’t plan a thing, but we still have fun.

We designated Saturday night as our Family Game Night.  This works best for us because Chad and I try to have date night on Friday night so we can be home on Saturday night.  He has to get up at 5 AM Sunday morning for church meetings so the earlier he can get to bed the better.  We usually do some kind of breakfast for dinner, bathe all the kids, and then play a game as a family.  And then every one gets to bed early.

The kids take turns picking the game and we have played everything from Life to Hello Kitty Bingo.

Right now we are on a Dominoes kick and we are playing our way down from 12.  After a few rounds, Elle and Crew have learned to hold their own in a game, but Croft still partners up with mom or dad.  She has been known to switch teams mid-game depending on who she thinks is going to win.

And on the Saturday nights Chad and I aren’t able to be home, our babysitters can still pull off game night.  Last week they all played Twister.  That would have been fun to see.

Sure we could watch a movie, but Family Game Night gives us an opportunity to have fun together, interact, talk trash, and laugh.  The kids are getting comfortable with taking turns as well as winning and losing (we don’t let them win- they have to earn it).  Plus we have the perfect forum to talk about good sportsmanship and obeying rules.

We all look forward to Family Game Night. Game on!






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