Back to School To-Do List

August is next week! (holy crap!) and August always gets me thinking about Back To School (BTS).

So I started writing my Back to School To Do List:

  • get kids haircuts
  • go through kids’ clothes and shoes / assess needs
  • go BTS clothes shopping
  • figure out daily schedule / routine
  • figure out new exercise schedule
  • arrange carpool
  • plan BTS breakfast and/or after-school treat
  • organize BTS neighborhood party
  • plan BTS Family Night
  • buy school supplies
  • figure out home lunch routine
  • go to BTS Night
  • get backpacks ready
  • register for Fall activities

Did I forget anything?

I plan to have a series of “Back To School” posts that will cover some of these bullet points starting the second week in August.

But first I am going to enjoy our last vacation of the summer- a weekend getaway with my hubby followed by a week with cousins in Boise.

Hope you are enjoying your summer too!  It’s not over yet!

2 thoughts on “Back to School To-Do List”

  1. My BTS to-do list includes putting together a “joy school” for my pre-schooler. We’ve had a great experience with that in the past, and I hope to find some other mothers who are interested in doing it this year.

    1. Thanks for this reminder, Marti! Although I don’t do Joy School, I do do ABC weeks with my preschooler. I need to get those mapped out. Hope you find some friends to join you in Joy School. It sounds fun!

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