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Lately, I have been on an after-school snack kick.  When the kids get home from school, they wash their hands, come to the bar and I serve the same snack to everyone at the same time.  But this post isn’t as much about what I serve for after-school snack, but rather why I serve after-school snack.

First, nostalgia. The after-school snack is one of my favorite memories from childhood.  I remember coming home from school and my mom would have little parfaits cups full of pudding or or homemade chocolate chip cookies or a big batch of popcorn made. (Interestingly, I don’t remember many carrots or apples.)  I was excited to see what treat she would have out when we got home. I wanted to give my kids the same happy memories, so I have really been trying to have a snack ready when they get home. (And I even like to make it cute if I can.)

Second, crossroads. Ezra Taft Benson said it is important to be at the crossroads of your children’s lives.  I believe this means big crossroads like driving, dating, college, marriage, new babies, etc.  But I also believe this means the daily crossroads- the comings and goings.  And coming home from school is a crossroad. Everyone sits at the bar together and we eat after-school snack together.  We hear about each others’ days, reconnect and touch base just for a moment before we scatter again.

Third, food.  The kids are hungry when they get home.  I am pretty sure Crew skips lunch altogether just to get out to recess.  Since, I don’t want them snacking on and off  for the next 2 hours, we have a one-time, universal snack and then the kitchen is closed until dinner.

Sometimes the snacks are comforting and fun.

But most days I try to use the after-school snack as an opportunity to get in one more serving of fruits and vegetables because I know we don’t get enough.  And because they are so hungry, they will eat more fruits and veggies during the after-school snack than at any other time.

Here are some easy after school snack ideas:

Fruit dipped in yogurt

Carrots and ranch or hummus


Hot chocolate and graham crackers

Cucumbers and salt


Crackers and cheese and apples

Cottage cheese and pears

Apples and peanut butter

Toast and jam

Celery and peanut butter



If you want some fancier after school snack ideas click here.

On good days, I prepare the after-school snack at lunch time so I am not making another mess in the kitchen. Or I cut extra vegetables at dinner prep the night before.

I can tell the structure and consistency of my after-school snack is working because Crew asks me every day, “Mom, what’s for snack today?”  I love that he is excited too.

3 thoughts on “After-School Snack”

  1. I bake bread two times a week and I try to have it coming out of the oven as the kids come home from school. They always talk about how much they love the smell of fresh bread. I love to hang out with them and hear about their day, and eat some hot bread of course.

  2. Tiffany – great ideas. I am such a believer in the philosophy of being at the crossroads. Thank you for your insight and great tips. I will be sure to take time to check around your blog. It looks great!

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