Thrifty Valentines

Some moms make homemade Valentines because they want to be cute.  Others want to be creative.  Some moms want to be crafty. We did homemade Valentines this year because we were trying to be thrifty.  I pulled out my Valentine bins and told the kids they had to use leftover Valentines or make homemade ones with supplies I already had on hand.

(And can I just say that being thrifty is time consuming!)

Elle chose to use an idea I saw in Family Fun magazine using Mad Libs.

She had several Mad Libs books she bought from a book order last year so we used those.  Along with scrap pink yarn and tags I printed from here.

My favorite part of this project was the thought Elle put into each Mad Libs choice.  She read the title and matched it with kids in her class according to their interests.  She also was very particular about what tag went with what person.

Here is how our thrifty version turned out.

Luckily, Croft’s class Valentines were much simpler.  She decided to use some old Hello Kitty Valentines for the girls in her class and old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Valentines for the boys.  (Over the years I have saved Valentines when the kids did not use the whole box or had leftovers from a second box.) I had a bag of bracelets in my Valentine bin so she is going to give the girls two of those as well.

I found some Pop Rocks and heart labels left over from other projects so we turned those into the teachers’ Valentines.

We are still unsure what Crew is going to do.  We have some blank hearts to write messages on or he might go with the Mad Lib thing too.  But he has a ‘coolness’ radar that must be factored in.  (When I wanted to bring water bottles for his basketball team’s drink he said, “You are really going to be that mom?”)

I do know what I am doing for his class party though.  And he approves.  I found leftover straws and Q-tips in the Valentine bin so we are repeating the “Cupid’s Arrow” game.

You load your straw with a Q-tip and “shoot” it out with a blow.  You can either aim to try to shoot through a heart wreath or you can have 3 different heart baskets positioned at different distances.  Kids get points according to which basket their “arrow” lands in.  This game was a big hit with Elle’s class last year and I am glad I saved my extra supplies.

We were definitely thrifty this year and used what resources we had on hand.  And it was more about not wasting and making do, than it was about saving money.


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