I used to worry that  my blog was ADD.


I jump from manner lessons to organizational tips to service ideas to letters of the week to spiritual thoughts to parenting strategies.

I worried my readers would get headaches from my variety of topics.  They might be confused on what this blog is about, and they wouldn’t know what to expect each day.  I wondered if  I was covering too many topics or if I would have a hard time securing loyal readers because my topics were all over the map.

But then I had my epiphany…

Yes, my blog is ADD, but so is Motherhood.

Mothers have to cook a meal, then plan a party, then clean a house, then deal with a tantrum, then help with homework, then fix a flat tire, and then drive to soccer practice.  One minute we are doing laundry and breaking up fights, and the next minute we are supposed to actually want our husbands to touch us.

Mothers don’t get the luxury of uninterrupted time or undivided attention or an in depth study of one area.  We don’t get to just focus on nutrition or character development or home organization.

Mothers do it all.  And it gives us a headache sometimes too.

So I like to think my blog is a reflection of real motherhood.  It hops around from topic to topic and task to task just as mothers do in a day.  They both have their ups and downs, and their good moments and their bad.  And like many mothers, this blog doesn’t know lots about anything, but it knows a little about everything.

Now I am comfortable with my ADD blog.  I realized that all topics aren’t going to apply to everyone, but every topic is going to apply to someone.  And I am also comfortable with my ADD life of motherhood.  I am not going to do everything right by all my kids, but I know I will do something right by each child.



1 thought on “ADD”

  1. I often wonder how I could have been an honors student all through high school, passed all those AP tests, graduated from college (go Cougs!) in three years and NOW develop ADD. I can’t focus, everything bores me after an hour (movies, meetings, etc), and I never seem to be able to complete a task. You just saved me YEARS of therapy! Thanks for this post. Apparently it’s not ADD I have… it’s another set of three letters, MOM 🙂

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