It’s In the Bag

I saw this children’s packing idea on Pinterest and decided to try it on our last two week long trips:


Basically, the idea is to pack 1 kid outfit per Ziploc bag including underwear and socks.

You can even include the girl’s hair accessory if you want to be extra organized.

I decided to use the Ziplocs with the big white zipper because it would be easier for the kids to get in and out of the bags.

When we were missing an item as we packed due to laundry, we just wrote what we were missing on a post-it note to remind us.  Then I knew which bag to add the clothing item to once it came out of the wash.

When my dad saw the kids’ suitcases packed with each outfit neatly tucked in a Ziploc bag, he thought I was just being OCD, but there were actually many perks to this packing method:

1. The kids’ suitcases stayed much more organized.

2. The kids could get dressed with little to no help from me.

3. And they could get ready faster because the outfits were already put together.  The decisions were made as we packed not the morning we were trying to get out the door.

4. Chad could easily get Locke dressed when I was gone with the other kids without messing up the plan of the outfits.

5.  It was so much easier for my niece to help me get the kids dressed after swimming because all she had to do was grab a bag.

6. The empty bags doubled as wet swimsuit holders.

7. I felt more prepared.  I knew I had enough outfits, underwear, and socks.

As the kids emptied the bags throughout the week, I kept all of the empty Ziplocs in my suitcase for future use.  We have already reused them once.

This packing idea would also be helpful when your kids stay over at grandmas, if a babysitter comes to stay at your house, or if kids are traveling without mom or dad.

Crew heads off to Cousin Camp in July without me for a week and we plan to pack this way again.  I am sure my sister will thank me when his clothes aren’t strewn all over the floor, he has clean underwear, and he actually matches when they go out in public. (Fingers crossed.)

5 thoughts on “It’s In the Bag”

  1. I love love love this idea. I am currently packing me and my 9 month old for a trip to a lake for a whole week and am totally going to do this. (I love that it will also hold wet swim suits later.) Love this blog!

  2. I love this idea! Thank you so much! I will be going to Oaxaca, Mexico in June with my 3 kids, this tip will be perfect for keeping our outfits organized!

  3. My son is a boyscout and this is what he does for summer camp. He also puts his dirty clothes in the bag so that the rest of his clothes don’t get all smelly. The other option is to let him put the dirty clothes in his bag and we know that everything in the ziploc baggie is clean. When we unpack, we can put clean clothes back in the closet and everything else goes in the wash. It is the best way to pack! You also tend to pack less.

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