Hotel at Home- Update

Our Hotel at Home for Father’s Day was a big hit! (Read all about the plan here.)

Our Hotel actually started on Saturday night before Father’s Day.   We pulled Chad’s sheets down and put a chocolate on his pillow and then the kids anxiously awaited for Chad to come into his bedroom around 8:30 pm.

Elle, the Hotel Manager, greeted Chad to the “Father’s Four Seasons Hotel” and briefed him on his stay.  She instructed him to ring the bell whenever he needed anything.

Then she checked him in.

Crew, Head of Housekeeping, presented Chad with his “Do Not Disturb” door hanger to be used as necessary.

Then Croft, Head of Room Service, introduced herself and asked if Chad would be interested in any pistachio ice cream this evening?

Chad of course said yes and the staff was off to prepare his tray.

Before we called it a night, Chad ordered his breakfast from the Room Service menu so we could be prepared the next morning.

Sunday morning we woke up early to prepare dad’s breakfast. Elle cut strawberries.

Crew made buttermilk syrup.

I made french toast and sausage and Croft helped prepare the tray.

We had to wake Chad up because he was sleeping in too long and we were going to be late for church if he didn’t get moving.

After breakfast, Chad hopped in the shower and Housekeeping went to work making his bed.

They even took the service up a notch as they warmed his towel in the dryer while Chad showered.  As soon as they heard the water turn off, Crew was right there with the warm towel.  (We will spare you a picture.)

Skip ahead a few hours….

After church, Chad may or may not have abused his bell privileges.  He rang for Housekeeping to fluff his pillow.  He rang for Room Service to get him cottage cheese and crackers.  He rang for more pepper on his cottage cheese.  He rang for an ice water or more ice in his water or to take his cup.  He rang for his chocolate chip cookies and milk.   The kids went running every time they heard the bell.

Finally, Chad rang to order spa services.

Elle gave him a foot massage.

Croft was supposed to give Chad a “temple massage” but more often than not it ended up being an eyeball massage.  Her little fingers had trouble staying on Chad’s temples and kept migrating to his eyeballs.  It was comedy for me to watch and Chad was a good sport.

Luckily, our demanding patron took a nap and we all got a break.

When he awoke it was time for him to check out, but he put up a fuss trying to extend his stay.  We wouldn’t have it.  We were too tired and had to go spend some time with grandpa.

Despite some fighting about who got to do what, it was so fun to see the kids serve their dad.  And they really came up with lots of the ideas and did lots of the work.   I was so proud of my little hotel staff.

Chad said, “This is the best Father’s Day ever!”  and it really was.

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  1. I’m so glad you did this! I just realized I never responded to your email about how the kids did this for me for Mother’s Day – sorry! 🙁 Your kids did a fantastic job!!

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