Life Lessons from a Theme Park

My family and I have had a wonderful week at Disneyland.  The theme park stars aligned and we had perfect weather, short lines, and great parking. Our favorite rides that were supposed to be closed were open and the kids’ dreams came true. Crew got to eat corn dogs; Locke got to see Buzz, Woody and Jessie;  Croft was tall enough for “California Screamin”, and Elle got to ride “Tower of Terror” multiple times.

toy story collage_Fotor

Despite lame fights over who would push the buttons in the elevator, who would get to use the key card on the condo door, and who would sit in the front car of the crazy rides, the kids were great and had lots of fun together.

yellow glasses

As we lived and breathed a theme park for 4 days, I found myself repeating phrases over and over again as we navigated the crowd.  I also realized that there is lots you can learn at a theme park that can apply to life outside the gates. Here are 15 life lessons to learn from a theme park:

1. Stick with your family.

2. Stay to the right.

3. Read the signs.

4. Be patient.

5. Don’t lick the handrails.

6. Keep your hands to yourself.

7. Throw away your garbage.

8. Wear a bra with your tank.

9. When you do nice things first, nice things come back to you.

10. Be early.

11. Watch out for your little brother.

12. Drink lots of water.

13. Know when to get on and when to get off.

14.Hang on!

15. Enjoy the ride.

splash mountain

Today we are headed to the beach where I am sure there are even more life lessons to learn, but I hope to be napping on the sand.

(P.S. I hope to update my Disneyland or Bust post when I return and let you know how our Disney Dollars went.)






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  1. Awww no one I know still licks handrails… that I know of!?!? But I agree, good life lesson if you’ve seen Dumb and Dumber. You’re making memories!

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