Beyond Skittles and Lucky Charms

My friend, Shelley, was “mad” at me after posting my non-candy Valentine’s ideas on Valentine’s day.  She wished I had posted the ideas  earlier in the month so she had time to go the non-candy route too.

So this post is for Shelley.  It’s March 1 and here are some St. Patrick’s Day ideas just for you that don’t involve candy or Skittles or Lucky Charms.

(Some I am pulling from my own site and others I am getting from other sites.  Click on the pictures to take you to the original posts.)

Last year I played off the rainbow idea and gave my kids water color paints.


I am going to play off the same idea this year, but instead I will give them fresh crayons or markers because they are rainbows too.  And who doesn’t love a sharp crayon or a brand new marker?   I printed the tag from here and used a real gold dollar instead of a Rolo.

(This would also make a fun teacher gift because what classroom doesn’t need new sharp crayons or markers?)

If art supplies aren’t your thing, you could give your girls green fingernail polish and then do St. Patty’s Day Pedis with them.

Or make cute bows for their hair in all the rainbow colors.

Another idea is to go the money route. Instead of a pot of gold candy, given them a pot of gold coins (okay, copper coins, but it is still cute).  This LUCKY family night would be perfect this year because St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Sunday.

For a late afternoon snack, you could make the rainbow fruit kabobs or rainbow veggie kabobs.

or make a yummy green smoothie:

And then of course there is always a green veggie tray with snap peas, broccoli, celery and green peppers.  And to add a special touch,  green peppers make nice shamrocks.

OK. Shelley. There you have it.  A few ideas for St. Patty’s day that don’t involve candy or sugar or green dye.  Now quit your whining 🙂

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  1. Oh wow, in Australia, we don’t really celebrate either Val Day or St Pats with kids… Or Halloween, until more recently. I’d love to be a kid in the US!!

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