Green Christmas Wrap

Who needs Pinterest when you have my mom?

She is always full of great ideas and always has been.  I appreciate that she wants things to be festive, but she also has a practical side.

One of my favorite ideas from her is her green Christmas wrap.   And I don’t mean the color green; I mean good for the environment green.

She has 10 kids and almost 20 grandkids so that can be a lot of Christmas presents to wrap.  So she (and her sisters) came up with an idea to cut down on the time she spent wrapping gifts.

My mom made fabric gift bags that she reuses year after year.   They are kind of like pillow cases in different sizes.

She can just stick a present inside of the bag and tie it off with a bow.

No tape, scissors, cutting, or finding the right size box.  No paper cuts or glitter on your floor.  No wrapping paper to throw away and no money wasted.

My mom still wraps some presents and uses boxes and paper and bows too.  But the gift bags are especially ideal for odd shaped gifts and large gifts.  And they kind of have a Santa Claus feel to them.

Think of all the money she has saved over the years, not buying wrapping paper.  And these bags fold up nice and flat after Christmas morning.  My mom stores them (and the ribbons) all in a bin and pulls them out year after year.

I love this idea for its thrift and for its goodness to the environment.  I am hoping to find some cute fabric on sale after Christmas and have Elle make me some of my own Christmas gift bags.

Thanks Mom for another great idea!



5 thoughts on “Green Christmas Wrap”

  1. Love the bags, too. And I made Hannah a Christmas skirt out of that plaid material. How’s that for reusing?!

  2. Also think about all the time you would save! Wrapping takes forever!

    I really want to do this! I’m going to try and find fabric on sale as well 🙂


  3. I love this idea! There are so many possibilities with such cute fabrics out there…and no worries about certain little ones trying to rip a little spot to take a peep!

  4. I loved this idea and had a bunch of fabric left over from my babies room and it happened to be perfect for Christmas. (Moda line “Circa 1934”) I also had a left over Jelly Roll (2 inch strips) that I cut lengthwise and used to tie into my Christmas tree. I bought some burlap and tied them with the extra strips. It turned out sooo cute. I was also glad I was able to use up all that extra fabric. Thanks for the great idea, and best of all next year wrapping will be so easy! I did have santa wrap his presents in wrapping paper so that baby girl would be able to do some ripping (we had to open all the bags for her.)

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