End of Summer Party

Last year we had a “Back to School Party” and this year we wanted to do it again but with a little different twist thanks to one of my readers, Jennifer.  She shared a great idea where she used “Happy New Year” decor (that she got on clearance after New Year’s last year) as the theme.  I thought this was a fun twist on the “Back to School” idea.

But when my BIL decided to get married the week school started we had to change our plans.  Now we are having an “End of Summer Party” over Labor Day weekend instead.  My “Happy New Year” party will just have to wait until next year.

Here is what is in the works for our “End of Summer Party”:

I am teaming up with my friend/neighbor to put this together.

Each kid gets to pick 3 friends to invite. And then I will invite who I want as well.

We will serve hot dogs, watermelon, nachos and drinks.

We will play lawn games until it gets dark.  (My friend is in charge of this.)  She is thinking about lawn twister.

Then we will watch a movie in the backyard on a giant inflatable screen.

We are watching Holes (my kids and hubby just finished reading the book.) I tried to pick a movie that appealed to several different ages (including parents) and is family appropriate.

I think we will have guests bring a treat to share since this party is way low key.  But you could do a fancy smore’s bar by changing up some of the ingredients.  In addition to Hershey’s chocolate bars, you could have Reeses peanut butter cups, white chocolate, Andes mints, or dark chocolate.  And besides graham crackers you could have chocolate chip cookies, grasshoppers, fudge striped cookies or chocolate graham crackers for example.

After guests have gone, my kids will sleep on the tramp.

Our “End of Summer Party” should be fun and easy to throw together.   And I will be checking out the clearance rack after New Year’s for next year’s party.  Good bye summer!

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  1. Sounds fun! I’m keeping these ideas for an “end of the heat” party for here in WARM Arizona. (It probably won’t be for a month or two)

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