How to Eat Corn on the Cob

Summer is winding down and so is corn on the cob season. ( Boo! Nothing is better than corn straight from the cob.) So I thought I better cover “How to Eat Corn on the Cob” while there is still a little time left:

Manner: Corn on the cob is a finger food, but that doesn’t mean you play with it.  (This pic was not posed.)

To butter your corn, take a pat of butter and put it on your plate.  Then butter your corn a few rows at a time using the butter from your plate.   With informal family groups, if the hostess says so, you can roll your corn right on a butter cube that is designated just for corn.  I have also seen corn on the cob buttered using bread.  You butter your bread and then wrap the bread around the corn and rub it around.

Eat corn using the “typewriter” method where you eat straight across the cob  from left to right.  But don’t go all the way across the cob at once.  Take a few bites.  Chew. Relax. Go back to the row you were on.  Also, don’t “hunt and peck” for the best spots of corn or leave patches of corn around the cob.  The goal is to have as clean of cob as possible when you are finished.

When you are done with the cob, set it on your plate.

Eating corn on the cob often leaves a mess on your face and in your teeth, so have your napkin handy.  Wipe your hands and face often.  And don’t smile for awhile 🙂

Make eating corn kid friendly by breaking a cob in half and using corn holders or cutting the corn off the cob.

Recipe: Here is a very thorough tutorial on how to grill corn if you want to try grilled corn on the cob.

Now go buy some corn for tonight’s dinner while you still can!


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