Easter Baskets

St. Patty’s day down! Easter just around the corner! (There is always something, isn’t there?)

But our Easter Bunny has only bought one thing for my kids Easter baskets so far. I am excited about what he found   though…SQUIRT BOTTLES!

The kids are always stealing my squirt bottle when I iron so I know they will love these.  The squirt bottles will make for some fun water fights, an easy way to cool down this summer or just for squirting water in the mouth over and over.  (Why is that so fun?)

The squirt bottles were only $1 at Dollar Tree and they got good reviews for working well.  And the squirt bottles are color coded to go along with the children’s Easter Baskets.

Like I’ve said before, color coding helps me decide what colors to buy, and it helps our family keep track of whose is whose.

Now the spray bottles can’t be the only thing the kids get in their baskets, so can you help our Easter Bunny with other ideas? Please share your favorite item(s) that your Easter Bunny is putting in your kids’ baskets this year.

4 thoughts on “Easter Baskets”

  1. Our Easter bunny usually does practical things. So far this year they are getting a new summer outfit in their basket. It’s usually stuff that we would have to buy anyways. Some things they have gotten in their baskets in past years are flip flops, swimsuits, goggles, swim toys.

  2. Yeah, I want some ideas too. Heaven knows they don’t need any more candy after grandma Pam’s Easter egg hunt. I’ve tried to do non-candy things in the past and let’s just say last year’s was a little pathetic. I like Shelley’s ideas, I think I’ll incorporate some of those things.

  3. We always do an Easter treasure hunt with each clue leading to some small treat to share and another clue until the end where there is an empty egg (representing the empty tomb) and usually a DVD or game for the family. Each clue has something to do with Christ and together they tell the Easter story, i.e., Jesus bled from every pore in the Garden of Gethsemane. What do you do when you are bleeding? They would find the next clue by the bandages, etc.) It’s a good compromise since I grew up with Easter baskets and my husband didn’t.

    I love the squirt bottle idea!

  4. I like to do summer things too, if we don’t just do filled eggs for the hunt. Flip flops, sunglasses, hair ties, ball caps, blow-up pool toys, swimmies…

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