J Week

We are jumping back into Letter of the Week after a Christmas/moving/unpacking/tired sabbatical. 

So join us for J week!


There is jam, jelly, juice, Japanese food, Jell-o, and jerky. But the only healthy food we could think of was jicama.  It was a little confusing for Croft because jicama doesn’t start with the hard j sound.

I wasn’t sure exactly what to do with a jicama. So I just peeled it, cut it up into strips, and served it with ranch dressing.  Let’s just say no one jumped for joy when they tried it, but Crew did ask for more the next day.


We played Jenga.

and jacks

If you are looking for something more active, you could jump, jog, jump rope, or do jumping jacks. (We actually went to a jumping place with lots of trampolines, but I didn’t get any photos. )


Croft made a jelly fish at school so we counted that as our craft.  The body of the jelly fish is a water colored coffee filter and the tentacles are just crepe paper stapled on.

I also found this website on Pinterest that has “hidden picture color by letter” coloring pages for each letter.  The worksheets help children differentiate between upper and lower case letters in a fun way.  Croft loved coloring a jack-o-lantern.


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