Coupons by Cupid

When we were packing up our house, Chad hauled out an old bedside table that we had down in our crawl space. When he opened his drawer, we found that his drawer was still full of junk:

Now the bad news was that Chad had a junk drawer down in our basement for 6 years that I had no idea existed.  Our marriage was on the rocks as I wondered what else he had stashed around the house.

The good news was that I didn’t find  a porno  magazine, but I did find  this old coupon book I made Chad when we were first married.  It reminded me that I used to be a good wife and that I had my own ideas before Pinterest.

In an effort to be thrifty this year, I thought this coupon book idea would make a great (and free!) Valentine’s gift.  But this time I had my friend Kelsie, over at Love, Kelsie Rae make me up a little more professional coupon book.

All you have to do is print out Kelsie’s pdf.  There are 2 pages with 1 cover & 7 coupons.  Cut out the squares.

Then fill in what gifts you want to give your spouse.

It is also fun to give them a blank coupon book and let your spouse fill in what he wants.  I remember I did this with the original “Coupons by Cupid” and on one of Chad’s coupons he wrote, “A night of Play Station” and the coupon I filled in said,  “A full night’s sleep.  You get up with Elle.” (And you were thinking it was going to be something nasty…)

Then bind the coupons together with a ribbon or metal ring or staples.  Or you could hide the coupons individually around the bedroom for extra fun.

I also plan to do one of these coupon books for each of my kids for Valentine’s Day (as soon as I get my color printer that I got for Christmas set up!).  I will probably fill in their coupons with tasks like “Good for one made bed” or “breakfast of choice” or “late night with a friend” etc.  I might even let them write one of their own coupons.  It would be fun to see what is important to them.

Hope you have some fun with this idea!  (If Chad lets me fill in my own coupons, you can bet there is going to be “Good for one junk drawer clean out.”)

2 thoughts on “Coupons by Cupid”

  1. Tiff you crack me up! The junk drawer pic is too funny.
    But seriously I love the coupon idea. You have always been so creative…forest before pinterest! I bet this idea gets pinned a few times today. Great idea!

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