How to Eat Soup

It has been awhile since I did a manners post.  But we are still working on them.  And because we have been eating soup a lot this winter, I thought it was a good time to cover how to eat soup.

Attention Getter: Set the table with either a soup bowl or a soup spoon.  If you don’t have a soup spoon an extra spoon will do.  The extra dinnerware will get the kids’ attention.

Manner: The soup spoon goes to the far right.  Soup is usually the first course served so the spoon should be the outermost spoon.

If your soup is too hot don’t blow on it and don’t put ice in it.  Just be patient and wait to eat.

Scoop the soup away from you and skim the dripping soup off the back of your bowl.

Leaning slightly forward,  bring the spoon to your mouth, not your mouth to the soup.

Eat soup from the side of the spoon. The whole spoon should not go in your mouth.

Don’t slurp.

When you are getting to the bottom of the bowl, it is okay to tip your bowl, but tip it away from you.

If your soup is served on a plate, put your spoon on the plate when you are finished.  If you just have a bowl, it is okay to rest the spoon in the bowl.  Just don’t put the dirty soup spoon back on the table.

Why: Scooping and tipping away from you makes sense because you want the mess to be away from your lap and your shirt.  If something should drip or spill it will get on your plate or the tablecloth and not on you!

Recipe: Our family’s favorite soup right now is Panera’s Cream Cheese Potato Soup.  (Thanks to our friend, Becky, who shared the link on Facebook.)  I have taken this soup to several people for dinner and they have all asked me for the recipe.  That’s a good sign. It is simple and yummy and 3 out of 4 kids love it.  The only thing is it can get a little spicy so watch how much red pepper you put in-meet your family’s preferences.  For my family, I double the recipe but I don’t double the red pepper.  We like to garnish this potato soup with bacon and I like to serve it with broccoli.

You can thank me (and Becky) later.


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