This Friday is 11.11.11!!!! Nerds like me love this kind of stuff.    (I always wanted a kid born on a perfect date, but the closest I got was 05.15.05.  That is probably why I like him so much.)

As I was expressing my excitement for 11.11.11 and how I wanted to celebrate the day with my kids, my sister mumbled under her breath… “It’s just another day…”  Well, bahumbug to you too.  I was not going to let her lack of excitement sway me from my goal. Plus I have had a week of bad news, so I need an excuse to celebrate something.

I got to thinking and came up with 11 different ways to celebrate 11.11.11 with kids:

1. Let the kids have a late night with 11 friends.  Scream and blow horns (just like New Years) at 11:11 PM. Then send them all home.

2. Make an “11 Dinner”.  This could mean your food looks like an 11: 2 hotdogs, 2 breadsticks, 2 carrot sticks, 2 celery sticks, 2 pieces of licorice, etc.  Or you could serve an 11 course dinner or have 11 items on the menu. Pizza with 11 toppings would be yummy for the adults.

3. For dessert serve icecream sundaes and have 11 toppings to choose from or make a cake with 11 candles.  Blow them out 11 times.

4. Do an 11 craft project. Give the kids 11 pompoms, 11 beads, 11 feathers, 11 pipe cleaners and 11 buttons, etc. and see what they can create with the materials they are given.

5. Go on an 11 hunt around the house to find all the different ways to make 11- like two pencils together or two knives or two toothpicks.  I am sure they would come up with some interesting stuff.

6. Study the numerology of the number 11.  Supposedly it is a powerful number.  Or study 11 multiplication tables or all the different ways you can make 11 with adding.  Or just learn to count to 11.

7. Play an 11 version of Scattegories.  Name 11 cities, 11 teams, 11 colors, 11 desserts, etc.  Then compare and cross off when someone has the same as you.  The winner is the one with the most unique answers.

8. Make your kids a list of 11 reasons why you love them.  Put the note in an “11 Lunch” with 11 grapes, 11 apple slices, 11 chocolate chips, 11 pretzels, etc.  This will for sure embarrass them, but that’s part of our job, right?

9.  Play a game with dice where you have to do something crazy if you roll an 11 (totally appropriate of course).  Or you can play the candy bar game but instead of having to roll doubles you have to roll an 11.

10. Have the kids make 11.11.11 with their bodies on the lawn and take a picture.

11.  And Alicia over at  A Magical Childhood suggests making an “11 Memory Book” with your kids that represents them right now.  The titles of the pages could be: 11 things I’m good at, 11 people who love me, 11 things I want to do someday, 11 places I want to go, 11 foods I love to eat, 11 things I know are true, etc.

Does anyone else have any 11.11.11 ideas?

I have strep throat today so I am not sure what I will be able to pull off or how we will all feel by Friday,  but I wanted to pass on the fun ideas in case someone else is a nerd like me.  And life is about celebrating the little things, I don’t care what my sister says.

7 thoughts on “11.11.11”

  1. FYI- that sister is not me, because I get the tingles over it being 12:34 on the clock when I look at it. The most exciting part is, I get to do that TWICE a day. And the highlight of my life was when it was 12:34.56 on 7/8/9.

  2. I just thought of another idea. Do your own 11.11.11 triathlon. Run 11 blocks. Walk 11 minutes. Swim 11 laps. Do 11 push-ups, 11 jumping jacks and 11 sit-ups. You get the idea.

  3. Somehow I knew that comment would make the blog. Bahumbug??? I’ve been celebrating all week. Just not for the same event as the rest of the world.

  4. Maybe I’m a boring mom and didn’t even realize it was going to be 11.11.11 and it doesn’t even CROSSmy mind to celebrate it, or maybe you really are just a nerd. I’ll go with you being a nerd to make myself feel better 😉

  5. I so love your blog.
    If you are a nerd then I am also nerd. These dates and times are fun, I just don’t ever come up with any fun ideas like you do. So thank you for all your fun ideas. And by the way, my baby will be 4 months on 11.11.11. How fun. And my kids don’t have school. I am for sure going to have to plan something.

  6. Your ideas are fantastic. I am going to do the 11 dinner, maybe I will let my teenage daughter have an 11 sleepover, we have a busy weekend though. I am wondering if we can get my 4 cats to lay down with the 2 kids to make the date picture. I also really like Tiffany’s triathlon. There are so many good ideas I hope to get a bunch of them in tomorrow. Hope your illness does not keep you from celebrating such a fun day. My only suggestion is seeing if someone can hold an 11 minute record. The 11 minute Guiness Book of World Records. Ideas can be keep a ball being passed back and forth for 11 minutes, a balloon in the air, hula hooping, ping ponging, bopping a tennis ball on a racquet, melt an ice cube in 11 minutes, balance an object on a body part, etc. Almost anything. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I made my boys t-shirts that say “11-11-11 I was there.” I scheduled a blog post about it to post at exactly 11:11 this morning. I don’t know, that’s pretty nerdy. 🙂

    I like the scattergories idea and the candy bar game with 11. Looks like we’re in for a fun night tonight. Thanks for the ideas!

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