Words and Water Update

I wrote a post last month about Words and Water.  In that post I told you that Elle just started a science fair project based on the hypothesis that the words we use affect us greatly.  Elle and her friend, Maya, worked hard to pull together their project.

And I am happy to report that they took third place for their grade on their project.  One of the teachers told me that, at one point, most of the judges were all huddled around Elle and Maya’s project, fascinated by the idea and results.

And I don’t blame them. We observed and learned some really interesting stuff.   To recap, we put cooked white rice in a bag that had nice words written all over it, and we also put rice in a bag with mean words written on it. We left the bags of rice on our counter for a month.  As expected mold grew in both bags (after all it was unrefrigerated food), but the mold in the good bag was only where there were no words written. In fact, where the word LOVE was written the rice was still relatively white and bright.

But the HATE bag had yellow/brown discoloration throughout all the rice and the word HATE had mold growing underneath it.

Our results and our research gave some validity to my ‘around the house’ water mug.  Maybe I am not so crazy as you thought.

Due to our high-tech scientific results, I decided to take words and water a step further.  I personalized my work out water bottle as well.  I wrote the different components of fitness on an every day water bottle.










Just like the words affected the rice, these words will affect my water. The energy of these words will “seep” into the water and I will get to drink all the good vibes.

I keep my water bottle in the fridge and take it with me to yoga and Cross Fit.  Then I refill it and put it back in the fridge for the next day so the words have time to download into the water.

Worst case scenario, I get some weird looks from people at the gym and you think I am nutty. Best case scenario, I get to drink strength, balance, endurance, etc.  Again, I’ll take my chances.

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