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Chad and I have been married 13 years … today!

Cue sappy, self-indulgent post about how much I adore my husband:

Years ago, one mom told me what she told her son: “I want you to watch Chad Erickson.  Do what he does.  That is the kind of guy I want you to be when you grow up.”

I found it a little strange that she didn’t ask her son to look to his father as his role model, but I don’t blame her. Chad is exactly the guy I want my son to be like too.

And this is why:

We were at the airport returning from a trip. Chad noticed a woman struggling to get her suitcase off the conveyer belt at the airport.  He stepped right in and got her bag for her.

As we were leaving a party, he noticed a young mom struggling to carry a car seat so he grabbed her car seat and carried it out to her car.

Chad went to ask a worker at Wal-mart for help.  The man had down syndrome, but Chad noticed that something was up with him. Chad asked if he was okay and the man fainted in Chad’s arms.  Chad stayed with him until others could come and help and he knew the worker was alright.

He visited a dying grandma in the hospital.   He later spoke at her funeral.

As Chad was leaving the hospital, he ran into a young girl that had lost her baby.  He hugged and comforted her.

Chad and I got out of our car in a parking lot and a man approached us asking for money.  He was cold and hungry.  Chad gave him $20 and wished him well.

After Sandy hit New York, Chad called an old friend to check on him.  The man had lost his house and many of his belongings.  Since Chad baptized him many years ago while he was on his mission in New York City, Chad wanted to put together a package for his friend so that the man would have something to wear for church.  Chad bought his friend church shoes, 2 white shirts and a tie and sent the package off to New York.

And his latest act of kindness was tonight at our anniversary dinner. He gave me his guacamole off his plate.  And it is not that he doesn’t like guacamole; he just knows I love it.

In all of these cases, Chad was aware of others needs.  Not just cool people or powerful people or important people.  Not just someone that could give him something back.  But he noticed the weak, the old, the poor, the special needs, and the down trodden. He noticed someone struggling and stepped in to help without being asked.  He cared about others more than he cared about himself.

And I wrote this sappy, self-indulgent post so my son can have record that he doesn’t have to look anywhere else but right at his dad for his role model.

Happy Anniversary to my guy! Like I said, I adore him.




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  1. Sounds like a keeper! I can say the same for my husband. Most important (and best!) decision I ever made. 🙂 Happy Anniversary!

  2. I did cry and he’s not by husband or my brother! He is definitely a role model and a man who is making a difference in the world. Loved reading this post 🙂

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