My Word for 2014

The moment you have all been waiting for….

(you probably didn’t even notice I hadn’t told you yet)

My word for 2014…

(20 days into January)…

Drum roll please….

My word for 2014 is “LET”!

let 2014

I came to my word after prayer, fasting, thought and muscle testing. Yes, I asked my body what word we needed and we came up with LET. I love the word LET because it gives off the air of easiness and fluidity; it moves and breathes with life. It is vulnerable and open. LET is not controlling or forceful or strained.  It is not protective or closed or hard. LET is accepting and allowing.

LET was perfect for me because it allowed me work on two broad goals this year: I want to LET IN and LET GO in 2014.

Other words I considered like “Forgiveness” only addressed the “Letting Go” part and words like “Open” and “Soft” only addressed the “Letting In” part.  LET allows me to go to more places, in more directions, in all kinds of ways.

And that is exactly what I want to do this year.  I want to take my heart and soul to different places and spaces.  I see LET as kind of an umbrella word for the year, but I also see me diving into more specific words, feelings and phrases throughout the year as I attempt to either LET them GO or LET them IN.  So, for example, I might write about Scarcity, Shine, or Vulnerability more than I write about LET.

So where do I start? The rhetoric above is all nice and good, but now what do I DO? I’ve been thinking about how to take LET out of the clouds and plant in on the ground. I wanted some action and task items to help me move towards my desires.  I started with 4 specific ideas and will move on from there:


This year I decided to make a “My Words” journal — a place where I would record all my ideas and thoughts surrounding my goals for the year. I sure wish I had one for my other words, but better late than never I guess.

let notebook

I covered a notebook with scrapbook paper and I wrote LET on the front.  I plan to write the other words I tackle down the side as well.

My first entry was 2 columns; one column of what I want to LET IN and the other column about what I want to LET GO. In general, I want to LET IN things like love, joy, light, and abundance, and I want to LET GO of grudges, limiting beliefs, perfectionism and regrets.  My lists are much more comprehensive, but they are too personal to share.

My journal just serves as a place to record my thoughts, feelings, goals and doodles.  I will add to it all year.

Let collage_Fotor


Yoga is a mind, body, spirit practice so I knew I wanted to incorporate yoga into my LET goals. I talked to my yoga teacher about specific poses I could practice that would be a physical manifestation of a spiritual desire.  She gave me heart opening poses like bridge, wheel, and fish to help me LET IN.  And we went with hip openers like pigeon, happy baby, and hero pose to help me LET GO.  Apparently, much emotion is stored in the hips so when you open those up, lots of emotions get released.


It helps that the Frozen soundtrack has an awesome song that coincides with my personal goals right now. I have been cranking “Let It Go” by Idina Menzel every day for the past few weeks. Just ask the guy on the plane who sat next to me.  As I played my personal anthem over and over again on the way to Boise, the kind stewardess gently alerted me to the fact that my headphones weren’t plugged in all the way.  The whole plane and I were apparently jamming to “Let It Go”!  I play this song every day as a reminder of what I want to do this year.


As part of my attempt to LET IN and LET GO, I decided to start with compliments.  It is simple really: If a compliment crosses my mind, I will tell the person.  I will let it go. I will never fake or force a compliment – that is not me. But often I might think something, but don’t have the courage or don’t take the time to let the person know. I am no longer holding compliments in my mind.  This goal makes for some awkward moments – like when I told a girl in my church that she had pretty feet after Sunday School, but I thought it, so I wanted to share it.

And as part of the deal, I have to LET IN compliments as well.  I have to accept them without deflecting or dismissing.  I just get to say “Thank you”.

There is more work to be done as I work to LET IN and LET GO, but I am excited for my start.  And I’m excited to see where LET takes me.



4 thoughts on “My Word for 2014”

  1. I love your word. I was actually mopping my kitchen floor the other day and wondered when you would tell us what your word ended up being. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. Gosh I love this word! And I needed to hear the part about compliments. I always think we need to share our compliments with other people and this world would be a lot kinder. Also, learning to let in a compliment is so hard sometimes. But the fact that a person to the time to say it to you means we need to appreciate it. Great post tiff! And I too shamelessly blast “let it go” for everyone to hear! Love it!

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