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It is November 1, and that means it is time to officially start thinking about…..

New Year’s Resolutions!

I have actually been thinking about my 2012 Resolutions for a few months now (you know I like to be ahead of the game), but I didn’t want to throw it on you too early so I held off as long as I could.

I believe strongly in self-examination and setting goals, and then it is always beneficial for me to put those goals to a theme or motto.  I think a theme focuses and unifies my efforts and I am more successful.  Here some of my New Year themes over the last few years:

2008- “Feeling Great in 2008”  (exercise, healthy food, less meat, etc.)

My family set a collective New Year’s Resolution for my single brother in 2008: “Get a date, Find a mate, Set a date, Consummate, and Procreate in 2008!”  He actually accomplished all but the last goal in 2008… Another testimony to the power of a theme 🙂

Kyle & Leah 2008

2009- “Looking fine in 2009”  (Read this post to see how well that goal went.)

2010- Can’t remember…  That says it all.

2011- “Less is More”  (Read this post for details on this motto.)

But for 2012, I wanted to sum up my New Year’s Resolutions IN A WORD.  Here are a few words I have been pondering on and tossing around in my head:




L.I.G.H.T (Live in Gratitude, Hope, and Truth)


Because I believe New Year’s Resolutions should be inspired and just right for that person that year, I am still ruminating on my options and trying to figure out what is best for me in 2012.  I will let you know what I am impressed to choose and what my action plan is.

Start thinking about your word or theme for 2012 and let me know what it is.  I’d love to see the possibilities.

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  1. Love your 2012 theme possibilities…I’m also pondering BELIEVE, STRENGTH, SIMPLIFY, LOVE…luckily there is time to meditate about this. Thanks for keeping us “ahead of the game”.

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