Crunch Time

It’s crunch time around here.

Chad and I set a goal several years back to read every talk given at LDS General Conference together before the next Conference.  And we are down to less than two weeks and we are no where near finished.

I’d like to say this time around is an exception, but it seems that every September and March we are madly reading together trying to catch up and meet our goal.  It baffles me how we get our selves in this predicament every 6 months because if you do the math it is not that hard of a goal.  There are usually about 35 talks to read in 6 months which averages out to about 6 talks a month which is slightly more than 1 talk a week.  That is so doable.

Yet we find ourselves behind again. We are pathetic. But at least we are pathetic together.  And I do know that if Chad and I put our minds to something, we will accomplish it.  We will pull an all nighter if we have too.  We will read every talk and we vow that we will do better next time.

Despite the crunch time, we continue this tradition of reading the Conference talks together because it unites us and strengthens us and bonds us in purpose and faith.

We usually read the talks right before bed. (Chad has been know to fall asleep mid-sentence.) I read from the Conference Edition of the Ensign and he reads from his iPad. We take turns reading out loud and stop and comment as we go.  Sometimes we have deep gospel discussions and sometimes we just make fun of each others’ reading abilities (or lack thereof).  But we are together, learning and doing something good for ourselves, our relationship and our family.

A friend gave us a suggestion to read the talks from the prophet first since he is the one we most need to hear.  I think we will try that next time.  And hopefully we will try not procrastinating next time too.

Now we are off to bed to go read 1, 2, or 4 talks.

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