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Change of plans. I was going to post a table manner this week, but then I saw a cute idea on my friend’s blog that I wanted to share in advance of Valentine’s Day. She set up a post office station and had her family write notes to each other throughout the month of February.

I love this idea because it gives our children the opportunity to practice showing love and appreciation and giving sincere, truthful compliments. And that is good manners.

I introduced the idea to my kids and told them we could write a sincere compliment, a favorite memory, words of encouragement, something they noticed, draw a picture, etc. to family members and then drop it in their “mailbox”.

For mail boxes, I just wanted to use what I had on hand so I opted to use paper sacks. We each got to decorate our own mailbox with foam stickers and markers. (I resisted the strong desire to leave my kids out of the process and just do it a cute way all by myself. Some of you might be able to appreciate how difficult this was for me.)

I hung the bags with twine and clothespins that I covered with glitter scrapbook paper (okay so maybe just a little cute.) I thought this was a great idea….then my baby woke up from his nap. The first thing he did was swipe at a bag. So I will probably be moving it up a little higher but still within reach of my other kids.

I put index cards and various pens (Valentine colors of course) in a pail. Then I tied a few remnant ribbons on the handle of a pail to pretty it up (I couldn’t stop myself).

We just got started, but on day one they prolonged bedtime by 20 minutes as they wrote everyone a note. Needless to say, they are excited. Our plan is to read them each morning over breakfast (and then practice saying thank you too.) I snuck a peek in one bag and read “You are the best sister. You mack me laff” from my kindergartener. The note made me smile and “laff”. I hope your family will enjoy the love notes and the good manners this week.

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