H Week

Hey, it’s H week! To be honest, H week was more about my house than Croft’s learning.  See we happen to put our house up for sale on Monday. We have been homeless all week and had to hang out with family and friends as people looked at our home. Plus we were house hunting. H week has been hectic and humbling to say the least.

Here is your H to print:


I made homemade hummus to try to be healthy.  It was really easy to make, but it wasn’t a hit with the kids. Click here for recipe.

We also ate hotdogs.  (We ate way too much fast food this week since we couldn’t be at home.)

Some other H foods are ham, honey, Hawaiian haystacks, hamburgers or halibut.


Croft wanted to go somewhere hot for H week, but that hope didn’t happen. Instead we went on a horse hunt (also known as “drive around and stall while people are looking at your house”).  We found over 30 horses on our drive.

For Crew’s H week we made hygeine kits and donated them to the Humanitarian Center.  These kits are sent to orphanages, homeless shelters and disaster areas. Click here if you want to know how to make one.

You could also go hiking, horseback riding, play hangman or hide and seek, hula hoop. or hopscotch.


Croft made a heart for cousin Hannah who lives in Tennessee.

And I still hope to do this hand art project before the holiday.

As H week came to a close, we got 3 offers on our house! Hallelujah!! I am so happy it only took a week.  It was such a hassle to leave every night and it was very hard to keep my house that clean. We have jumped a huge hurdleHowever, we still need to find us a home or we might just be living in a hotel come January.


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