G Week

G week had a great start with ghosts and goblins and ghouls. Plus we gorged on goodies at Grandma’s on a gorgeous Fall day.  The day or two after was grueling, but we ended the week with gusto.

Here is your G to download:


Croft made this little ghost in preschool.  It is her footprint. All you need is black paper, white paint, and googly eyes.   A simple and cute G craft:

Click here for complete instructions if you want to make this goat:


And speaking of goats, when I asked Croft what she wanted to do for G week, she said she wanted to go see goats.  Luckily I have a girlfriend with goats so we called her and headed over.  One of the goats was even named Gus.

If you don’t have access to goats, you could always just play a game as a family, do gymnastics or ride go-karts.  Or go golfing like we did for Crew’s G week.


I would have loved to spend G week eating guacamole with Uncle Garett (Gee Gee), but instead we ate Gogurts and granola.

And we also had a goofy dinner.  I let Croft set the table with whatever she wanted.  We had spatulas and water bottles and muffin tins and tongs.  (I was giddy when I thought of this idea.)

I served garbage.  It is just chili over Fritos with all the fixins but my mom called it garbage when I was growing up because it looked like garbage once everything was piled on.  It was actually the perfect dinner to eat with goofy utensils because it is already kind of messy.  The kids had a great time.

Get your letter groove on and get going with your G week!  Hope it’s a good one.

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  1. How is it that you just happen to have a friend with Goats and that the weather is gorgeous enough that you can see them? And where did you pull these ideas out of to use Goofy utensils??? You are a GREAT Mom!!!

  2. Thank You so much for this activity. My son has been diagnosed with dyslexia and I am really hoping these activities will help him to learn his letters and sounds. again thank you so so much.

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