C Week

Teaching note: C can be a confusing letter in that it has 2 sounds- a hard and a soft (cat vs. city) and it is involved in the digraph ch.  I decided to focus just on the hard sound of C (cat) as not to confuse Croft.  Here is the letter to C to print:

C week commenced with Locke recovering from a cold and croup and with the neighbors cats camping out on our doorstep all week.  But enough complaining, let’s get crankin‘:


We made cookies with Stenson cousins on Sunday. (It initially was going to be chocolate chip cookies with Chelsea- but then I decided to give ch its own week at the end of the year so Chelsea will just have to invite us over again.)

Then on Monday night, we cruised up the canyon with Cole and other cousins in the Erickson clan:

We cooked hotdogs over the campfire:

On Crew’s letter week we went to a corn maze which is a great option this time of year.  Or you could try camping, canoeing, cleaning, or visiting a candy store.


Technically any craft would do for C week.  Or you could just color with crayons .

But we opted to have Croft construct a little caterpillar out of colored cotton balls (okay- they were just pom poms).

Or if you are following these letter creatures click here for complete instructions.


For healthy foods this week we tried cute little clementines and crunchy carrots.  Click here for more healthy C food ideas and recipes.

I can’t decide if we are going to make cookies or cupcakes or cake or caramel candies today.  I really want to try a homemade carrot cake if I can convince Croft to try it.

These edible crayons made with pretzel sticks and candy melts are just too cute, but I don’t have the supplies on hand so I will have to tuck this idea away.  For a complete tutorial on the edible crayons click here.