B Week

It’s B week! As Croft would say, “Boo Yah!”

First, click here to download and print this letter B.  Display it somewhere where your child can see it all week.


B week just wouldn’t be B week without baking Grandma Grace’s banana bread. I have done it with all the other kids for their letter weeks.  Croft smushed the bananas and turned on the Bosch.

For several healthy B food options click here.


We did bunches of B activities.  Croft took a bubble bath with brother.

When it was Crew’s B week, we went boating with cousin Beck.

Even though Beck passed away, we still wanted to include him on B week since he and Croft were closest cousins. So we took a balloon to Beck’s grave and Croft picked the blue color (which of course I was okay with.)

We miss you buddy!

We also went on a family bike ride.  Believe it or not it was our first family bike ride ever!  We borrowed our buddies’ bikes because we aren’t equipped to ride as a family.  They have a bike trail behind their house.  The weather was beautiful and we had a blast.

(This is one of the reasons why I love Letters of the Week.  It motivates me to do things I normally would put off.  We caught the biking bug and don’t be surprised if we ask Santa to bring bikes this year for everyone including mom and dad.)

I really wanted to go on a bakery tour, but didn’t pull it off. Maybe you can.  Or try bowling, baseball, badminton, or basketball.


Croft made buzzing bees at school by pushing her thumb into a yellow stamp pad and making her thumbprint a few times. Then she added her own stripes and antennas to turn them into bees.

She also made this beautiful butterfly by coloring on a coffee filter with marker.  Then her preschool teacher sprayed the coffee filter with a spray bottle to get the dyed affect.  Croft drew eyes on a color clothespin and clipped it in the middle.

Complete instructions on how to make this letter Bee.


We went on another letter hunt around the house and Croft begged to go in the backyard.  She found baskets, beans, bed, blanket, bathroom, bbq, bushes and boat loads of books.

At one point she was even walking around the house with b’s on her back, belly button and bum.

I made sure to let her tape up the letters because that way I could monitor that she knew which way the b went.  It is one of those tricky lower-case letters that could easily confused with  p, d or q.

For some B letter worksheets click here.

Bye-bye B week!

2 thoughts on “B Week”

  1. Thx Tiff. Now bawling like a baby (ok, not bawling– but i had to use my b’s). It was fun to see beck’s bright blue eyes on your bomb of a blog. he’s a blessed boy to have you for an…aunt.

  2. this is so great my little boy loves making the foam crafts that go with the letter and finding things that start with the letter… great job putting this together

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