Yesterday was a good day to be my children’s parent.

When Locke was getting dropped off, the bus driver stopped me and told me what a good kid Locke is on the bus.  She said he is a great example to the other kids that struggle with their behavior.  Not bad for a 3 year old.

Then I went to pick up my other kids from school because it was snowing.  I saw Crew walking towards the car with no coat on.  When he jumped in the car, I may have snapped, “Where is your coat?” (He is notorious for losing articles of clothing.) But I was quickly humbled when he said, “I gave it to Croft.  She was cold.”  Croft proceeded to tell me how she was shivering and Crew noticed.  So he offered her his coat.  Her eyes glowed with love and admiration as she told me the story of her big brother taking care of her.

My heart mushed.

After snack, we all went downstairs to hit the bedrooms hard.  I just wanted Croft to put her laundry away, but she opted to fold all her clothes in every drawer.  She sorted and folded and smoothed.  And she kept saying how it feels good to have a clean room.  Then she hung up Crew’s backpack and jacket for him as a way to say thank-you.

Later I was going through Elle’s folder and I found an envelope.  It was a thank you note from her art teacher. Elle had bought her a book from the book fair.  I was surprised and confused because I hadn’t given Elle any money to buy books. When I asked her about the book, she said she used her own money to buy her teacher a book because she likes her so much.  Then Elle said, “Plus I figured I was helping the whole school by buying my teacher a book.”

My heart mushed more.

That night we did our weekly Thursday Thankful Time as we gathered at Family Dinner.  When it was my turn to go, I gushed over how thankful I am to have good kids.  I got to brag to dad about Locke’s example, Crew’s kindness, Croft’s extra mile, and Elle’s generosity. Their eyes sparkled as I complimented and raved about each one.

Every once in awhile God throws us a bone and lets us know that, despite our occasional rants, screw-ups, bad reactions, and swear words, we are doing okay at the hardest job on earth.

Yesterday was my bone.  I am going to gnaw on it for a bit.

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  1. Such a good read. Not surprising that you have good kids, you are a great mom! I loved this blog post 🙂

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