Unexpected Perk

Elle set a summer goal to learn to make lunches.

So to help Elle in her quest for cooking competency I made ‘make lunch’ a chore every Monday.  This weekly accountability proved to be very helpful.

Elle has made Top Ramen, macaroni, ham sandwiches, quesadillas, tuna fish, toothpick lunches and this week she tried chicken nuggets.

As she was running around the kitchen serving cottage cheese, peeling carrots, setting out plates, baking the chicken nuggets, and cutting peaches, she said to me something that I did not expect.  “Mom, now I know why you don’t like it when we complain about a meal or don’t say thank you.  It takes a lot of work to get a meal ready.”

Even though it is blurry, you can see the stress in Elle’s face.

So I thought I was teaching Elle independence, competence, life skills and time management by having her learn to make lunches, but it turns out she was also learning empathy.

This was an unexpected perk that I will gladly take.

Maybe I should have her start doing her own laundry next?

1 thought on “Unexpected Perk”

  1. Awesome. This whole thing rang true with me. And FYI – it does work in the laundry department too. They learn how inconsiderate it is for the person using the machine before you not to remove their clothes once the cycle is up. I mean HOW RUDE to leave your clothes so I can’t do mine. Sweet justice. Love it.

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