The New ‘F’ Word

The new “F” word at our house is … F.U.N.

That’s right.  F.U.N

Sometimes I feel like making FUN a garbage can word because I hear way too many times from my children…

“I don’t want to go to church. It’s not fun.”

“School is not fun. I don’t want to go.”

“I hate chores. They are not fun.”

(In prayers) “Please help us to have fun today.”

And just last week Crew called me on the phone.  Our conversation went like this:

Crew: I am bored.  What can I do?

Mom: Read a book. Clean your room. Practice the piano. Make a paper airplane.

Crew: (in a loud, whining, almost yelling voice) No! What can I do that is FUN?!!!!

Since when did “fun” become the gauge by which we determine our participation in an activity?

Because let me tell you children…

sweeping 4-5 times a day is not fun

changing your poopy diaper is not fun

waking up in the middle of the night is not fun

making your lunch is not fun

helping you with your homework is not fun

cleaning the toilet is not fun

If fun were the gauge for whether an activity was worth doing or not, no one would be married or have children or have a job.  Very few people would be physically fit and even less would have an education, if life were all about fun.

Later Crew was in the car with Chad and me and we took that time to teach him about the new F word.

We talked about how there is much more to life than FUN.   Experiences may be

rewarding (working hard)

necessary (cleaning the toilet)

helpful (helping with homework)

interesting (going to school)

challenging (practicing the piano)

uplifting (going to church)

required (changing a poopy diaper)

thought provoking (reading a book)

satisfying (cleaning your bedroom)

Turns out activities can have merit and worth even if they are not fun.

Now I still want my children to have fun.  They are kids afterall!   Bubbles, Wii, Play Dough, friends, and Disneyland all have their place. In fact we went tubing just yesterday and had FUN!

But I do want my children to understand that fun is NOT the end all – be all.   Fun is not the only measuring tool or reason why we do things.  It is only one of many good feelings that can bring us happiness and enjoyment out of life.

I’ve got a FUN family night lesson coming soon that will teach this principle!

3 thoughts on “The New ‘F’ Word”

  1. I totally agree with you! My kids in their prayers say, “Please bless that we can have fun at church (or school or wherever).” The purpose of church or school is not to have FUN! The purpose is to learn and feel the spirit etc….

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