The Day I Was Hugged

I am not sure why I am sharing this story because you all might judge me for being crazy.  But this event was the highlight of my week and I want to remember the moment always.

I was volunteering at my children’s school last week and I thought I would peek in Crew’s class to check on him.  They were having an indoor recess and all the kids were in the room playing games.  I looked around for the teacher and didn’t see her, so I decided to do something a little risky.

I jumped in through the doorway and yelled “Crew!…….Come hug your mamma!”  in a “Who’s your daddy?” tone.  I may have even bent my knees and stretched out my arms as I said it.

At this point all eyes in the classroom went to Crew. What was the cool kid going to do?   The kid that wouldn’t wear character underwear after the age of 5 because he was over cartoons.  The kid who only wanted name-brands for Christmas.  The kid that wouldn’t do the song actions at the Christmas sing-a-long because he was above that baby stuff.

For a split section, we all watched with anticipation.

Meanwhile his buddies started yelling, “If you hug your mom you won’t be cool anymore.”  or “Don’t do it, Crew.  It’s not cool to hug your mom.” or “Awwwhhh! Gross!”

What happened next surprised even me.

Crew sprang up from the floor where he sat and literally ran to me. He jumped into my arms and wrapped his legs and arms around my body about knocking me over.  (He may have even kinked my neck.)  We were both hugging and laughing as his friends groaned with disgust.

Can I just tell you how happy I was that he hugged me and in a big way?  Even though his buddies told him not too.  Even though he knew he was risking his reputation.  Even though it just isn’t cool to hug your mom.  Even though everyone was watching.

He hugged his mom.

With his classmates still bawking, I lectured them that they better hug their moms too.  And I assured them that Crew will still be hugging me when he is in high school.

(At least that is what I am telling myself …)

I am tucking this memory of the day I was hugged away in my heart.


8 thoughts on “The Day I Was Hugged”

  1. I just started following you and I really love the things you share here. You give motherhood the perspective that was intended by our Heavenly Father. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I kind of had a moment like this last week too. I had just finished helping in Cole’s class and he came to give me a hug goodbye like he always does. He went to sit with his class as I put on my coat and purse. Then suddenly he ran up to me with his lips persed waiting for a kiss. As I leaned down to kiss him I couldn’t help but think how long this would last. How much longer would he willingly run o me and hug and kiss me in front of his peers? Those are the days to definitely cherish and remember.

  3. Best post ever! I’m laughing and kinda crying. I can just envision it in my head and hear your voice. What a stud! Hopefully all those “too cool” boys will remember that and always give their Moms hugs too. Way to go Crew!

  4. I love every single one of your posts, even the ones I don’t comment on. Tell Crew he is even more cool for hugging you. 🙂 I hope Swede will do the same for me.

  5. Follow Up: I peaked in Crew’s room this week again during recess. This time everyone said, “Crew, your mom’s here for her hug.” But this time I said, “Actually, I am here to hug _______ (the kid who gave Crew the hardest time)” The class erupted in cheers and me and the little boy shared an awkward, squishy hug. Crew was cheering from the back of the class. It was fun, but in retrospect I am not sure I should go around hugging kids that aren’t mine….

  6. This was so cute! Made my day! You sound like such a fun mom. I think those random acts when we show our kids we love them last the longest!

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