Summer Motherhood Resolutions

May is like December and June is like January to me.   I slack in May, schedules go, kids do whatever they want– I just hang in there until the end.  Then June hits and I get this surge of energy and a determination to be a better mother.   I make my “Summer Motherhood Resolutions”.  Here are a few of my Motherhood Resolutions this summer:

1. No movies in the car unless on a long trip. When we first got the new car with a built-in DVD player, this was the case.  But as time went on I got more and more lenient and now it seems like we watch a movie to go up the street.  No more! Mom’s on one. I put a big basket of books in between the seats so all the kids can read while we drive.  We will rotate books on a weekly basis.

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2. No technology or electronics (TV, cartoons, video games, computers, DVDs) until after lunch.  This includes mom too (but before the kids wake up doesn’t count).  It seems like when they aren’t listening to me it is because they are involved in some kind of technology.

3.  Eat fresher. To do this, I have implemented a salad night and a fish night once a week.   We had Cashew Chicken Pasta Salad last night and I have a baked lemon tilapia up on the menu later this week that a friend recommended.   I did grilled salmon last week and the kids liked it (my son had thirds) so I am hopeful that they will learn to accept the fresher foods. Send me any great salad or fish recipes.  My recipe pool for healthy foods is low.

4. Get the kids moving- I added “Exercise” to my children’s chore charts.  We go to the park 3 times a week first thing in the morning.  We scoot or walk around the path.    And I am just starting to do yoga with them the other two days of the week-  a 15 minute morning stretch.  I will  use what I know from my yoga classes, plus the book “the ABCS of Yoga for Kids” by Teresa Anne Power.  It is full of kid friendly yoga poses.  I am excited to expose them to the beauty of early morning yoga.

We have been going 2 weeks now and so far so good, I just hope my July isn’t like my February. Wish me luck!

5 thoughts on “Summer Motherhood Resolutions”

  1. hahahahaha. Good luck. Call me if you need some Feb/july encouragement. Don’t give up- the fresh eating thing is so worth it.

    1. Send me some of your best talipia recipes. I bought the frozen bag at Costco and am ready to go.

  2. Thank you for the idea of no electronics until after lunch! It has always been a inconsistency for us–what is too early to be on the computer/tv/etc. That rule totally makes it easy. Including myself in that has been awesome.
    This morning, since we weren’t involved in electronics, we cleaned out the game closet, found some buried treasures and had some fun playing.
    Also, my boys aren’t too involved in electronic activities to have lunch–they’re excited to eat and then have some screen time.
    Love your website–thank you, thank you!

    1. Jennifer, I am so glad this idea is working for you. It takes consistency and I have almost caved a few times, but I hope they will stop asking soon if I stick to my guns. Thanks for reading!

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