Summer Alliteration Schedule

Today was our last day of school.  We went on a fun bike scavenger hunt with some friends.  My friend had plotted out different stops with a little surprise at each one and then different clues as to where to bike next. We ended up at a local grocery store for icecream cones. We probably biked a couple miles in all and had a great time.

When we got back from our bike ride, our family made our traditional summer bucket list.

We wanted some of the old stand by activities like “snow cones” and “sleep on the tramp” and “boating”, but we also added some new items to our list this year like “geocache” and “read The Hobbit“.

After lunch,  we made our summer chore charts.

Along with the basics, I let the kids choose some chores they wanted for the summer.  I am hoping this choice will give them an extra dose of motivation.  Crew is going to learn how to make lunches and Elle is learning to make breakfasts.

And of course no chore list is complete without “Mom’s Choice”.  This gives me flexibility every day to meet the needs of that morning.

This year I made the last two chores and their boxes gray.  This means these chores don’t have to be done by the time we head out for our family activity, but they do have to be done before other privledges like friends or computers.  Again, I want to give my kids some choice in their daily routine.  We will see how that goes.

Now I am starting to work on our summer alliteration schedule.

I like to have a general idea of what to do each day.  Having a loose plan for the summer gives me a little motivation and a little direction. And I like the activity to start with the same letter as the day of the week (alliteration) because I’m weird like that.

Here is an example that I got from this blog.

I brainstormed different activities we may want to do each day. Here is my list of alliteration activity possibilities:


Make-It  (crafts or food)




Masterpiece (art projects)

Mom’s Off (kids you are on your own; think of your own ideas)

Mile (run, walk, hike or bike a mile)


Take a Trip (outings)

Teaching (learn new things or teach different concepts)

Time to … Read, Cook, Bake, Work, etc.  (could work with anything)

Talent (develop your talents this day)


Wet (anything that involves water)

Whatever (give yourself some flexibility in the week or have a down day)


What’s Cooking?



Thoughtful (do something kind for someone else)

Thinking (library, science experiments, ask a question and research it)

Throwback (go back to your childhood for ideas)

Thankful (write a thank you note to someone)

Thrifty (do a cheap activity)





5K (We are going to bike 3+ miles every Friday)

Field Trip

Friend (invite friends over)

I have not decided our summer alliteration schedule yet.  I like to give myself some time after school gets out to see what our family needs. Right now I am leaning towards health / fitness themes just 3 times a week that would happen earlier in the morning with the whole family– like Run a Mile Monday, Go on a Walk Wednesday, and Bike a 5K Friday.  Then I would leave my days open for more flexibility.

What are you all doing this summer? Can you all add any other ideas to my summer alliteration schedule?



2 thoughts on “Summer Alliteration Schedule”

  1. Such a good idea. Every day needs some kind of plan to feel productive. Our family does nothing w/o plans. I may have to steal this. We still have 2 more weeks to figure out our summer…

  2. Thanks so much for you great chore chart idea, it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for! My old ones weren’t working for the summer and I couldn’t figure out how to switch them up. 🙂

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