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I’ll admit I am a little paranoid that my kids are going to to grow up to be snotty, entitled, rich kids still mooching off us at 25. Not that we’re rich, but the kids aren’t hurting for anything either. They think nothing of going out to eat or to a movie or a new pair of shoes, so I am always thinking of ways to keep them humble and grounded.

We watched a video recently about families serving all over the world in different capacities. I was inspired by the video and the importance of service, and kids are less likely to be snotty and entitled, if they learn to serve, right? As I watched the video, I asked myself, “How can our family serve more?” Almost as I asked the question, the answer came to me: “Service Saturdays”.

My husband and I agreed that our family would serve for a couple hours one Saturday morning a month- that would be our “Service Saturday”. Of course there will be spontaneous opportunities to serve throughout the month, but Service Saturdays will be planned and designed to stretch us and do things we might not normally do. They will get us thinking about others and their needs. And serving together will strengthen our family bond and bond us with those we serve.

We talked with the kids in a Family Meeting about the concept (They loved it! They aren’t teenagers yet!), and we brainstormed all the different service projects we could do. It was important to get the kids input so they felt they had a voice in the plan . Here is what we came up with:

rake leaves

babysit for a mom and dad so they can go out on a date

do yard work at the cemetery

weed flower beds

clean a house

mow a yard

plant flowers

clean up a park

wash a car

take dinner

visit a hospital

We also brainstormed who might need help. We came up with widows, grandmas and grandpas, pregnant ladies, single moms, dads that are gone a lot, sick people and people that are sad or lonely. We can look for specific ways to help these individuals.

I would love other families to buy into the “Service Saturdays” idea . You could do your own thing with just your family, organize a neighborhood project, or join in with us sometime. It is always more fun to serve with friends. I want to hear how you spend your Service Saturdays so we can all share ideas. Add this button to your blog to help spread the word to serve others. Maybe we could be like the families in the video and serve all over the world!

7 thoughts on “Service Saturdays”

  1. K – I love it! I too feel like my kids think of eating out, new clothes, etc…as a normal thing or something they are entitled to. Kent gets really bothered by this because he had much less then I did growing up. I feel a perfect FHE lesson coming on and am excited to start serving. I loved your service ideas. It really doesn’t have to be a big huge complicated thing. It can be as simple as weeding someones flower beds or raking leaves. Thanks for the excellent idea. With that said, it might be a month or two before I start implementing this in my house. Right now If I get down on my knees to weed a flower bed I won’t be getting up.

  2. I love Service Saturdays and am excited to see what our family does and learns. I hope others will join us sometimes or implement their own Service Saturdays as well.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this…I LOVE it. It’s exactly the idea we were going for. Thanks for reminding me that the service doesn’t even need to be going somewhere, it can be just as small as things right in our own neighborhood. I’m getting on that! THanks.
    Love, Shawni

  4. Love this! I have pinned your manners post and I think service Saturday is a great way to spend some time together. Beautiful blog and family!

    1. Thank you, Lisa. Service is wonderful family time. The kids don’t always agree with me before we start, but by the end they are all on board.

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