Scavenger Sunday

When I get home from church on Sunday I am exhausted.   Maybe it’s because Sunday is the only day of the week where I actually try to look nice and I try to have my kids look nice too.  That takes a lot of work. Plus I am trying to keep everyone on their best behavior for 3 hours with no husband around.  And I am doing all this wearing high heels.

When I get home with all the bags and papers and books, I just want to fall on the couch and take a nap, but unfortunately, my kids are hungry.

So I officially instituted Scavenger Sunday.  This means that the kids are on their own for lunch.  They have to come up with something–anything– for themselves.  They make it and clean it up and (theoretically) mom lays on the couch.

And something about giving the lunch an official name makes it fun and exciting for the kids rather than neglectful.

Because the parameters are loose, I have to accept whatever they come up with even if it may be a pepperoni and bacon sandwich. I can only focus on one teaching point at  a time.  And Scavenger Sunday is about my kids learning to be resourceful and independent while I get a rest; it is not about heart health.

Here are the results from yesterday’s Scavenger Sunday:

Crew made himself a ham sandwich.

Croft opted for a pepperoni quesadilla with no cheese.

Elle made Locke and herself some Top Ramen.  She is the only one using the stove thus far.

I did cut up apples for everyone because I knew they weren’t going to voluntarily add in fruit to their scavenger lunch.

Some kids cared more about presentation than others.

(Believe it or not no shirts or ties were stained with mustard in the eating of this sandwich.)

But in the end they all got fed and learned a little independence. And I got to relax a little.




5 thoughts on “Scavenger Sunday”

  1. That’s a dream come true for the kids! I don’t know how you do it. I’m exhausted on Sunday after church, and I have a husband to help me.

  2. Very cute idea. I think I need to try that this Sunday. And they actually cleaned up the mess!?! Nice.

  3. Can you tell me where you got that perfect lamp on the console table behind your couch? I love it and have been searching for one just like it. I found your blog through a friend’s link and love reading all your posts.

    1. Janet, TJ Maxx Home Goods! I actually bought them about a year ago and had no where to put them but they were just too cute to pass up, so they sat in storage until we moved. Then I made sure they were front and center. I know TJ Maxx Home Goods is hit and miss. Good luck!

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