Rethinking Organization

I used to think organization meant keeping all the same items in the same place and the container was most likely labeled. Now I believe that organization/time management means keeping something where you are going to use it.   Let’s take scissors for example:

I use scissors to wrap gifts, so I keep a pair in my gift wrap station.

I use scissors to dead head my flowers, so I keep a pair outside near my flower pots.

I use scissors to cut tags off my clothes and get stray threads, so I keep a pair in my dresser in my bedroom.

I use scissors to craft and scrapbook, so I keep my best pair is in my craft tote.

I use scissors to open food packages and to prepare food, so I keep two pairs in my kitchen.

And my kids use scissors for homework and craft projects, so they each have their own pair in their desk.

Scissors aren’t the only thing I have scattered around the house. I have tape, tissues, blankets, sunscreen, lotion, cleaning supplies, pencils, paper, books, phones, diapers, etc. tucked in multiple places around the house.   And although this new organization doesn’t fit neatly into a labeled box, it is still organization and most importantly, it saves me time.

2 thoughts on “Rethinking Organization”

  1. This is one I’ve learned recently too- reading glasses and fingernail clippers need to be in many places.

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