Nothing Like Me

My daughter threw a fit yesterday morning before school because she didn’t want to go.  It was field day and apparently she hates field day! What? I lived for field day.  I still remember practicing hand-offs at recess for the 4×100 relay.  How can the offspring of a State Champion track star  (hubby) and a College co-ed intramural badminton champion (me)  hate field day?

It gets worse.  She also informed me that she hates hiking, walking, and P.E.  I said, “So you’re telling me you hate movement in general?”  So much for my big plans for my future volleyball star.

As Elle left for field day in her ruffled, zebra print girly shirt (her grandma bought),  I had to tell myself that cheerleaders are people too and marching band inspires someone.  Elle is entitled to her own interests, her own talents, her own style, and her own dreams.   I will support her in what ever she chooses to do or not do (although we are still going to move as a family whether she likes it or not.)  And in the end, maybe it’s a good thing she’s nothing like me.

6 thoughts on “Nothing Like Me”

  1. Cheerleaders and Drill team members are people, just usually not good people until after high school and they realize they aren’t the nicest people. HAHA. And Band members get good grades typically. Some how we will get her to like “moving in general.” Croquet??

  2. Wait…what is a, “College co-ed intramural badminton champion?” That can’t be a real thing, right?

    1. You better believe it’s real Jay! My buddy and I won the Ricks College co-ed intramural badminton tournament. Of course I am mocking myself, but it is my one true claim to fame.

  3. Ha! I love this Tiff! Elle is soooooo cute. This is too funny…little does she know she has a long road of PE ahead of her. Hey, didn’t you even teach PE at the school you taught at? She is her own person for sure!

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