Library Pockets

I’ve told you before that I am in love with the library.   The public library goes right along with my thrift goals and my minimalism kick.  We have access to all the books we want, but we don’t have to buy them or store them at our house.

The kids each have their own tote bag that they use just for the library.   The individual tote bag helps them carry their books in and out of the library and it is a good measuring stick for how many books to get.  My library rule is you can get as many books as you can carry by yourself.  Croft likes to push the limits.

In addition to their own books, I want the kids to be responsible for their own library cards as well.

So I thought they could keep better track of their cards if  we added a little library card pocket to their totes.

We used some scrap fabric and scrap buttons.  The stiffer fabric worked best.

Then we sewed little pockets in to the totes.  (And when I say ‘we” I really mean my sister-in-law.)

The buttons are just for decoration.  She used velcro to keep the pockets closed.

The pockets were just the size to fit their cards.

It has been nice to have the books and the cards in the same spot.  And I think the kids feel kind of special pulling out their own little card from its own little pocket.




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  1. Cute idea. I can’t tell you how much I miss having great libraries in town. The one here stinks!

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