Kids 72-hour Kits

My sister-in-law and I had been talking for weeks about how we needed to update or 72-hour emergency kits. The food was expired and we both had added kids to the family. Nothing like an earthquake and tsunami in another part of the world to shock (pardon my pun) us into action. When I watched the news coverage, I knew I was not prepared if something were to happen here, especially if my husband were gone. And I couldn’t bear the thought of 4 little kids hanging on my leg hungry. I talked to my sister-in-law that night and we got to work:

We started with a backpack for each child in our families. Here is what we put in our kids’ packs:

3 day supply of food in gallon Ziploc bag. Click here for printable list.

Food Kit

1-2 dehydrated meals

bottle of water

one outfit (I went on the big side)


sturdy shoes

jacket with hood

2 to 3 activities (dice, bouncy ball, crayons, coloring book, card games, toy, etc.)

foil blanket

hand warmers

hard candy

hand sanitizer

toothbrush and toothpaste (I found Wisps at Wal-mart; can use without water)

garbage bag (could act as a poncho or tarp)


light sticks

needs specific for that child (medicines, sunscreen, etc.)

picture of family

Kids 72-hr kit items

Did I forget anything?

I highly recommend doing this with a group of people- neighbors, friends or family. Besides the moral support, you can buy the food in bulk and split it. You can also swap clothes and shoes as kids’ sizes change. I plan on checking some garage sales this summer for extra shoes and jackets as well.

My husband and I updated our emergency kits too. Ours are a lot larger and heavier, since we are carrying the family items for the kids, plus the littlest kids food. Thanks to my sister-in-law, Ashlee, you can Click here to see what to put in the parents’ packs.

Adult 72-hr Kit Backpacks

Yeah! The packs are all now hanging on large hooks in our storage room. As I hauled these heavy packs to put them away, I thought about actually using them in a crisis situation. I was reminded of one of my favorite thoughts: “Don’t pray for a lighter burden, but for a stronger back.”

Packs in Storage Room

It feels good to have this project done- for now- until the food expires again. And although the kits might not be perfect- something is better than nothing- and my kids won’t go hungry.

7 thoughts on “Kids 72-hour Kits”

  1. Tiffany-
    Thank you so much for posting this. I really need to get my act together. It’s awesome that you and Ashlee did this together. Maybe I can talk my SIL’s into doing this with me. I’ve never come on your blog before, but saw that Chad posted about his fun bday. Love that idea BTW. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  2. Great job, Tiff. Thanks for doing this with us. It’s great to have some good moral support. I’ll link it up now to my friends.

  3. Tiff…
    I love the new blog and i love the 72-hr kit. Especially because without it there is no way that Tommy and I could survive unless we come to your house or Ash’s house for food and water.
    Keep the updated blog coming!

  4. Good Job Tiff! I just updated mine in January after 4 years. You gave me a few extra ideas though.

  5. I am going to update my 72-hour kit this week and I noticed that in all the pictures of the Japan earthquake that dust masks were used by most so I went out and bought masks thinking they would be great in many situations that you would use your 72-hour kit.

  6. Tiffany, Love this post. Our family is very involved in 72 hour kits. Some good suggestions for you are to take your cloths seal them in food savor bags, it spashes them down so you can get more in your bag and they are sealed tight so water will not get to them. They will be dry when you go to use them. We also do most food in the bags. In fact most of the things in our kits are sealed in them. If you would like any more tips let me know I would be glad to share.

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