Is it Too Much To Ask?

Dear Children,

Is it too much to ask for you to…

1. Clear your plate after every meal.

2. Take your underwear out of your pants before you throw them in the laundry.

3. Hang your back pack on the hook.

4. Put your shoes in the basket.

5. Wipe your toothpaste down the sink.

6. Take anything you bring into the car out of the car.

7. Say thank you.

8. Wash your hands when you come in from school and after you go to the bathroom … with soap.

9. Shut the door … to the house, the closet, the drawer, the cupboard.  Just shut the d@#& door.

10.  Wipe your hands on a napkin or a rag — not under the bar or on your shirt or on the wall.

Just think of all the extra energy I would have if I didn’t have to remind you to do any of these things!

Thank you in advance!

Love, Mom

P.S. Mother’s Day is Sunday 🙂


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