Crew’s Biggest Mistake

The biggest mistake Crew ever made was to surprise me with this one morning:

Two beautifully made beds complete with fluffed pillows, tucked sheets and folded blankets.

Why is this a mistake you ask?

Because now I know Crew’s potential.

Before this surprise morning, I might have thought “oh, he’s a boy” or “he’s only seven” or “I’m asking too much”.  But now I know what he is capable of.

And sloppy blankets and tossed pillows and half made beds just don’t cut it because I know he can make a bed, and he can make it well.  I won’t underestimate his abilities again.

It is not that I expect a perfectly made bed every morning.  I don’t.  I know sometimes he runs out of time, and we all have good days and bad days.  But when Crew whines to me on a Saturday morning that he doesn’t know how to make his bed or that it is too hard or when he just throws his blankets and pillows in a pile claiming he made his bed, I bust out my phone and show him this picture.  (Who knew Instagram could be such a helpful parenting tool?)

And I tell him here is proof he can do better.

He gets a sheepish grin and I smile back — both of us knowing his true capabilites.

Word to the Wise: be careful who you let see your potential, because they just might expect it the next time.


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