In Love with the Library

I’m in love… with the public library.  We were broken up for awhile and then we got back together and we have been inseparable ever since.  The library has so much to offer and he meets my family’s reading needs.  Here are some steps to make the most of your library relationship:

First, get the kids their own book bags.  I had big plans this summer to have the kiddos decorate canvas bags  like this from Family Fun.

Photo courtesy of Family Fun

And then I found these darling bags in the Target dollar bins and I was sold.  (I’m good with one less craft project to do.)  If you are on craft overload too, you can find cute totes or reusable shopping bags just about anywhere.

Photo courtesy of Kelsie Rae Photography

Once I made the mistake of buying a big tote for Croft.  When she filled it with books, it was too heavy and she couldn’t carry the bag.  The ones I got this year are 11 1/2″ by 13 1/2 “. They work great.

Photo courtesy of Kelsie Rae Photography

Second, get your kids their own library cards.  Elle and Crew both have their own cards this summer . They are responsible for their own books and cards (and replacement cards).  I hope Crew has better luck with his library card than he does with his shoes.

Third, designate the same day each week as library day and then make it part of your weekly schedule.

Fourth, check out what children’s programs your library has to offer.  Our library does a fun story time each week for the youngest two kids and they also hold a class for 6-11 year olds.

Fifth,  check out your library’s supply of books on CD.  Elle has been listening to “The Little House”  series on CD.  The books were a little too difficult and boring to read on her own, but she loves following along in her book to the CD.  And I plan to check out “Harry Potter” for our marathon car trip this summer.  You can’t beat that guy’s voice.

Sixth, don’t forget about the movie section and how it can reinforce reading.  Crew checked out the old school “Treasure Island”  DVD because he and dad had just finished reading the book together.  It was only a dollar and we could keep it for a week.

Lastly, designate a space for your library books.  You could store the books in the totes or we keep the library books in a separate basket in a separate room from all our other books so we don’t get them messed up.  Another idea is to never let the library books leave the car.  Keep the basket in the car for reading while driving.

Photo courtesy of Kelsie Rae Photography

And for all of you who see the library as a germ infested book camp, you’ll be happy to know Amazon recently announced  Kindle Library Lending which would allow you to check out books from the public library for your Kindle.  That’s exciting news.

Check out your public library this summer!  Maybe you’ll fall in love too.

3 thoughts on “In Love with the Library”

  1. We, too, love the Harry Potter books on tape for our long road trips. The narrator is awesome! Have you guys read The Penderwicks? If not, I think you would like them – the most delightful group of girls and their fun adventures! A third book in the series just came out. We listened to the first as a book-on-tape on a car trip and it appealed to everyone. Fun stuff. Our library belongs to “” which allows us to check-out and download audio and e-books. It might just be an Illinois thing, but there may be similar offerings elsewhere.

    1. My friend recommended The Penderwicks last summer for my daughter’s book club but we didn’t do it, so I will have to check it out this summer. Thanks for the tip.

  2. i also love the library! when you get older and start reading novels you find many you like and some you dont like. the issue with me is that if i love a book i go out and buy it and know im starting to have my own library!

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