Gilbertson/Amaya Family Service

Remember a few weeks ago when I said that Service Saturdays Want You! I wanted your family to do service too and submit your pictures and write up so we can all be inspired by the different ways families can serve.  Well, I am happy to report I get to feature my first family! This week’s Service Saturday is brought to you by the Gilbertson/Amaya family of Tualatin, Oregon.  Lisa wrote:

At the end of March one of my very best friends gave birth to two beautiful boys.  They were born 3 months early and have been in the NICU for the past 6 weeks and will likely be there about 4 more weeks.

My friend, Kristin, had to go back to work part time in order to keep her maternity leave for when the boys actually get to come home.  Between work and spending time at the hospital, she and her husband haven’t had time to do things they normally would like to do around there house, such as plant a garden.

So, last Saturday, Phil, Asher, Lander and I ventured to their house while they were at the hospital to surprise Kristin for her first Mother’s Day with a fully planted garden!

The boys enjoyed playing in the dirt and were somewhat interested in actually helping to plant the seeds.

Last weekend we had made a stepping stone with each of the babies’ first initial to leave in the garden as well.

It was a great way to spend the morning! (And Kristin was thrilled! when she found out.)


Thanks Lisa! This was such a special idea that your friend will appreciate the whole summer.  The stepping stones were a sweet touch.  Now I need another family to send me their Service Saturday post.  Who wants to be next?

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  1. Lis that is so great!!! I saw your mom in Lander and she was telling me about the babies…you are such a kind and helpful friend. miss you.

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