Expensive Experiment

I am in the midst of an expensive experiment (two actually) but this post is just about one of them.  (My frugal friends are going to freak.)

Elle cried about her shoes on a daily basis last year.  Either her shoes were too big, too wide, slipped off, gave her blisters, or hurt her feet.  She had plenty of cute shoes that she never wore.

At first I thought she was picky, then I thought she was a whiner, and now I think she just might have special feet that need special shoes.

So this year I decided to buy Elle a legit pair of shoes .  Not Target or Payless or Old Navy, but a real leather European brand shoe.  And not because of the name or the looks (well, maybe just a little. I absolutely adore the moccasin/slipper trend) but because of the comfort and fit.

I am hoping the comfortable shoes will help Elle and alleviate any complaining or crying or conflict in the morning.  I’d almost pay anything to have a peaceful school send-off.  And because they were expensive, I also got them treated and buffed so they would last longer.

She has worn them for two weeks so far with no complaints.  The experiment seems to be working. So when it comes down to it…

Shoes- $50

Leather buffing and protectant- $10

Conflict free mornings- priceless

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